Real News

No Stranger to Good Press

Dr. Barbara Taber has regularly appeared in the mainstream media press for many years, including those since retirement. She is a featured routinely on the news websites of ABC, CBS, NBC other major network affiliates throughout the United States. Recently, Dr. Taber was featured in the first of four serial articles covering various topics including education, social issues, politics and more. This first story has made a substantial impact, more so than perhaps any other media appearance by Dr. Taber in her professional life. These articles will appear in the archive section of this website as they are released quarterly throughout 2018 and 2019. 

Times Square

As part of a special marketing campaign, Dr. Taber recently enjoyed some world class exposure on the giant billboards in Times Square, New York City. While Dr. Taber's sojourns rarely, if ever, take her to the Big Apple, the fact that her presence looms large even there is testament to her lasting