"Students and Teachers and Strikes, Oh My!"

The first episode of Dr. Taber's new program, Take It Or Leave It, has arrived.  This is the first of six episodes to be rolled out over the next 12 months.  Each installment will focus on a few key themes prevalent to education, society, and general living in the 21st century.  

The groundbreaking format of this new program is one that's gaining in popularity: the podumentary. Take It Or Leave It is a hybrid production of podcast and documentary; a complete audiovisual experience in six parts.

The Times Square Advertisement

The following video has been compiled using footage of the July, 2019 Times Square campaign designed to promote Dr. Barbara Taber's new podcast documentary series.

"This is Barbara Taber" Promotional Film

This video corresponds with a headlining press article and PR campaign, which includes a thought provoking interview series with Dr. Barbara Taber.

Nasdaq MarketSite Appearance

Honorable Mention


On Friday, December 28, 2018, Dr. Barbara Taber made her second billboard appearance with a larger-than-life advertisement occupying space on the Nasdaq MarketSite (see above), also known as the Nasdaq Tower.  This is an area of particularly high pedestrian traffic and overall visibility, especially just days before New Years Eve, which is considered the pinnacle of such location advertising in New York City.  

During both these events Barbara Taber's name was mentioned amongst a small handful of others as part of a high profile advertising campaign carried out by New York's preeminent specialty advertising and marketing firm as seen above.

Nasdaq Ad Footage

This is actual video footage of the advertisement bearing Barbara Taber's name, at the moment it went up on the iconic Nasdaq Tower.  As indicated above, the date of this event was December 28, 2018,